Still Alive at Five

The Route 3 Blogaffair is still going strong

Image by Vlad Ymyr from Pixabay

Five years ago I published my first blog post, A Glamorous Job. I still like it, but I’ve changed a lot since then, so I’d probably write it differently now. I can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing. In some ways I prefer my older writing. Maybe that’s because I remember how it feels to be really new at writing for other people, that first-time-on-stage fear and excitement swirling inside my head. I still get a thrill from it, but it’s muted now, a rainbow that fills me up with light but does not leave me breathless. Not like it used to anyway. It’s something different now, less snazzy thrilly, more reliable and strong.

Me and this writing thing have settled into a nice, cozy relationship, comfortable with each other’s silences, burps, bad habits, and dry skin. We don’t try to be each other’s everything anymore. We’re just in love, and that’s enough.

This blogaffair was our version of a fling, keeping things interesting in monogamy. We wanted the freedom to “kick it” in the blogiverse however we wanted – Poet Pose, Essay Style, List Up, Big Praise Love – but always with each other. The first two years were rough. It took some time to figure things out, and we still don’t always get it right. At some point we stopped trying to, and that’s when things got fun. We went from feeling awkward to just enjoying ourselves. If one roll didn’t feel good, we tried another. We started inviting other people to the party – and they accepted. We stopped second guessing everything and started laughing at ourselves more. We let the love, the insecurities, the humor, and the fire flow. We didn’t think it would last this long. But it’s been working for us. And it feels better than ever.

This anniversary is special. It is a celebration of not just our love but of What Can Be. You don’t have to blog it in any one way or style. You just have to do what works for you. We hope our story inspires you to blog free.

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