Twenty-one things I learned in 2021

Photo by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

Cooking soothes me.

It is important to journal when things are going well, not just during times of struggle.

Life blooms inside the tiny triumphs.

Trees are natural healers.

There are times when the Zoom camera just needs to be off.

The purple sweet potato is a superfood.

Lizz Wright‘s voice is an anti-stress elixir.

Millet is ancient and delicious.

Safe spaces are not always safe.

Giraffes have stratospherically high blood pressure.

Fear is not my enemy. Fear of fear is my enemy.

Squash is a fruit. Botanically speaking.

Joy requires intention.

A fig tree can live for over a hundred years.

For every minute I spend resisting opposition, I need to spend five minutes building an alliance.

People who don’t respect you can lead you to people who do.

If I can show up on time for a job, then I can show up on time for bed.

Medical students are updating the Hippocratic oath to express their commitment to social justice.

Doing one thing at a time is a powerful act of resistance.

Two tea bags are better than one.

It can wait.

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