Yay for book lovers!

Open book on table, beige pages face up, white wall in background
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Today is National Book Lovers Day! I hope you’ll take some time to delve into that book you’ve always wanted to read or to revisit one you haven’t touched in a while.

Bookish has a list of fun ideas for people who want to spend the day doing something besides just reading: 10 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

Part of my day will be spent reflecting on the work of Toni Morrison, the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning genius of literary fiction who died earlier this week.

I’m also going to continue my reading of Congressman John Lewis’s memoir Walking With the Wind. I’m only 14 pages in and I’m already mesmerized.

Enjoy this special day!



Reader’s Digest’s “18 Classic Books You Can Read in One Day” list

Toni Morrison’s biography on Biography.com

New York Public Library blog post “Where to Start with Toni Morrison”

A listing of Toni Morrison’s books

John Lewis’s biography on Biography.com

Teaching Tolerance interview with John Lewis

NBC interview with John Lewis



One thought on “Yay for book lovers!”

  1. Great recommendation for John Lewis’ memoir. I have read March I, II, and III and will be happy to read “Walking with the Wind.”


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